MargotWelcome to Fluid Elevation, we feel honored to have your presence visiting our website.  Here at Fluid Elevation, we strive to elevate the world.  We do this through cultivating the well being, joyousness, gratitude, human connection, environmental interaction, inner peace, and zone of genius of all beings on earth.

Fluid Elevation is an on-going process of creation whose driving goal is to inspire you to your greatest potential, where you give to the world everything you can, a life of greatness, a life of value and contribution. As thoughts, ideas, inspirations and life lessons come to hand, they will be shared with you, in an open and loving way.    We invite you to come back regularly, as the site will be expanded and updated providing a supportive community and a wealth of information.  If you would like to contribute information or become involved, please contact us.

How do we elevate the world?  Elevation can come from anything that brings well being to you, others and to the earth.  Our favourite methods of elevation include practicing and teaching yoga, life coaching, permaculture, music, art, skiing, mountain biking and many other joyous activities.  Any inspiration, presence or activity which brings you more in touch with your driving force, your passion, how you want to design your life in this reality.

How are you going to elevate your life and the world around you?  What do you have to contribute to the world?  How will you leave the world a better place once your time is done?  Anything in life that brings you greater presence and connection in this moment, can serve to elevate you and all those around you.  If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you set out to achieve?


 Peace Within